Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carter Sued Over Palestine Apartheid Book

Carter Sued Over Palestine Apartheid Book

By Henry J. Reske
Former President Jimmy Carter has been slapped with a $5 million class action lawsuit claiming his 2006 book “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” violated New York consumer protection laws. The suit, which also names publisher Simon & Schuster, claims the book contains false statements designed to promote anti-Israel propaganda and deceive the public, The Washington Post reported.

carter, palestine, book, suedThe federal lawsuit alleges the book violated New York consumer protection laws by engaging in “deceptive acts in the course of conducting business” and seeking financial rewards by promoting the book “as a work of non-fiction.”

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said, "The lawsuit will expose all the falsehoods and misrepresentations in Carter's book and prove that his hatred of Israel has led him to commit this fraud on the public. He is entitled to his opinions but deceptions and lies have no place in works of history," the Post reported.

A spokesman for Simon & Schuster called the lawsuit, Unterberg et al v. Jimmy Carter et al, frivolous and without merit. Adam Rothberg added the suit is a “transparent attempt by the plaintiffs, despite their contentions, to punish the author, a Nobel Peace prize winner and world-renowned statesmen, and his publisher, for writing and publishing a book with which the plaintiffs simply disagree,” the Post said.

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