Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How the Ice in Your Drink is Imperiling the Planet


You have got to be kidding me. Leave it to that old tired rag Time Magazine to get it wrong again. According to this article
households are a larger contributer to global warming than car emissions. The main offender? Your refrigerator/ freezer and that evil automatic ice maker.  So the  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently decided to give them a closer look—and they got a surprise when they did. They say that these evil ice makers increase energy use by 12% to 20%. So now they are going to add 84 kilowatt hours to all the refrigerators with these automatic ice makers ratings. So now you will get to pay more for this frig. Its just another hidden tax perpetrated by another hidden unconstitutional government organization. I wonder if these so called experts at the NIST bothered to figure out that by not having the automatic ice makers, they may even use more energy. First you have to open the freezer door and let all that heat in. Then your filling up ice trays with tap water. Both of which will cause the freezer to work harder. Of course these global warming mental midgets have never let facts get in the way of their agenda before. So why would they now?   Folks these people just aren't normal. Even Charles Manson came out recently and spewed garbage about global warming. He's the fitting poster child for these nut jobs.You can read more about Chuckles global warming rantings here. Hopefully soon he will have a bunch of global warming lunatics as cell mates. These people are like a weird religious cult.

Just sayn...........
" The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, its just they know so much that isn't so." Ronald Reagon    
Manson at age 74: This photo was taken in Marc...Image via WikipediaCharles Manson SuperstarImage via Wikipedia
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