Monday, July 30, 2012

Scottsdale Bans Ice Cream Trucks

"Seventeen-year-old Leo Blavin had the idea to start his own ice cream truck business last year, but was shocked to learn he wouldn't be able to operate the truck in his own city.
Scottsdale decided to ban mobile food trucks in the 1970s because of concerns that the trucks were being used as fronts for drug operations."
Wow! When I first read this article about the ice cream truck ban on the's web site I thought I was imagining things. There is just no way anyone could be serious about fighting crime by banning ice cream trucks. That's as stupid as banning cars because you think that they are being used as a front for drunk driving. A lot of the other excuses that I read sounded equally pathetic.
Now I no why I have heard people call Scottsdale Snottsdale. Its because that town must have a few too many intellectually lazy snots with way too much free time on their hands. Now I'm sure it must be just a few elitist snobs who are well connected to come up with something so ridiculous. I'd hate to believe that a whole town could be full of  tyrants trying to run everybody else's lives like that. 
The real crime here is that a 17 year old who would like to become a entrepreneur has to learn how ignorant intellectual elitists in government are not the answer. They are the problem. Elitists just want to squash the entrepreneurial spirit of the individual.  The good people of Scottsdale. The ones that are not elitist tyrants should ban together and demand from now on anyone wishing to be in the seat of power in that city pass a course on the constitution. If they fail, they don't even get on the ballot. 
Thomas Sowell has a fantastic book titled " Intellectuals and Society". In it he proves just how destructive and tyrannical they can be. Everyone in Scottsdale should read it.


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