Monday, November 29, 2010

Budget & Spending | FreedomWorks

Budget & Spending | FreedomWorks: "BUDGET COMMANDOS!
The battle has begun over President Obama’s budget and the massive tax hikes that it would usher in. Obama’s proposal would radically increase taxes on American businesses and taxpayers, more than $3 trillion over the next ten years. The Obama budget also explodes the size and scope of the federal government, with new programs including a cap and trade emissions scheme and government-run healthcare.

This is the largest combined tax-grab and expansion of government ever proposed in this country. It’s up to limited government, conservative activists like YOU to generate the massive grassroots outcry its going to take to stop this tax and spend juggernaut.

“Sound-Off to Congress” by signing up and posting your comments about the Obama budget below. Let lawmakers know how President Obama’s big government budget would personally impact you and your family. FreedomWorks will deliver your comments to targeted lawmakers in advance of important votes on the budget. We need to overwhelm Congress with a huge response from grassroots America if we are going to beat back the Obama plan. Hardworking Americans need to demand that the federal government live within a responsible budget that controls spending and provides meaningful tax relief during these tough economic times."

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