Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liberalism is a mental disorder

The Justice Department is trying to smear Gov.Christie.  Over  a 2 year span it seems that the governor over spent around  $2100  in hotel expenses. Where was the Justice department when Nancy Pelosi was using  US military aircraft  like her personal taxi? Over a 2 year span she flew in military aircraft 31 times. According to the Judicial Watch organization  to the tune of $2,100,744.59.   This price tag includes $101,429.00 for food and alcohol.  On just one particular trip from Washington, D.C. to Baghdad the cost was  $17,931 PER HOUR. Either the Justice Department is using its power for a political  agenda or they are a bunch of mental midgets. These liberal hacks in the Justice Department should be investigated by the press. No wonder Michael Savage says liberalism is a mental disorder. He’s right. 

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