Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Savage Nation

Michael Savage
Trickle Up Poverty
My review
Everyone should read Dr. Savages book  Trickle Up Poverty. He does a brilliant job of weaving his own little stories of his life experiences with the problems of this current administration.  He has around 35 pages of footnotes so you can do your own fact checking. Everything is documented.
He proves in Trickle Up Poverty that Obama is a Marxist. He gives examples of how early on in his life he was exposed to socialist activists. Starting in 1970 at just 10 years of age. That’s when little Barry’s grandfather introduced him to a radical activist, Frank Marshall Davis. Davis belonged to the Communist Party USA. Then later on in life how he became friends with communists terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. While doing community organizing and running for office in Chicago. Then just  look at who he chose to surround himself with in his administration.  Obama sought out people of like minds to be Czars.
As further evidence Obamas own admissions. He states that he sought out Marxist professors in collage. He also says To avoid being taken for a sellout he chose to be around politically active black students, chicanos, Marxists professors and structural feminists. This doesn’t sound like just a young confused collage student dabbling in the socialists world. No, he’s the real deal and he’s gonna deal us out.
All that just in the first chapter and a half. Dr. Savage goes even deeper in other chapters whose titles are Spending other Peoples Money, Nightmare on Wall Street, The Health Scare Fraud. In all 11 chapters of well written, researched and explained simply. Savage not only points out the terrible truth about this administration but ways to which we can stop it. In the last chapter he gives you the 10 point “ Contract From America.” Then he give you his own 37 point “ The Savage Manifesto”
Arm yourself  against all the left wing rhetoric. Read Michael Savages book Trickle Up  Poverty. You’ll have the facts to back up what you know in your heart is the truth. Pass the book around. The more people who read this book the more informed we’ll all be for the 2012 election.  This is how we fight back. Maybe even send one to your congressman.

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