Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is the U.S. Becoming a Welfare State?

So I'm cruising around the web just reading the headlines today and I come across this one that caught my eye.

Is the U.S. Becoming a Welfare State?

I say to myself. Hmmm, guess I'll check this out. In the second sentence I see this little factoid. 35% of wages go to government entitlements. Well, isn't that nice. I mean calling them entitlements instead of what it really is. Welfare. That's what progressives do, they just change words around to make something sound better than what it truly is. The word entitlements makes you think that you are entitled, and have a right to someone  else's  money. Well just look at how they disguise themselves. They proudly call themselves progressives instead of what they really are. Marxist and or socialists. You see progressive sounds soooo much better that a Marxist or a bed wetting intellectuality lazy socialist. But in reality that is exactly what they are, Marxists.  

Its amazing how they can turn even a good word like progress into something ugly. I mean we all want to have progress right? I want to progress to a better and more profitable  job. Then maybe progress from my crappy little apartment to a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Maybe even with a big pool. Or maybe I'll just go back to sleep like the rest of the country and just pretend like they really aren't that bad. If I sleep long enough maybe these "progressives" will see to it that I'm "entitled" to a nice big house with a pool. Yeah that's it, that's the ticket.

Thomas Sowell explained it best one time. I can't remember his exact quote but it was something like this. He said, all right let them wear the progressive name tag. They're progressive all right. The way a disease is progressive, the more it progresses the sicker you get. I think that just about sums it up. I guess I better not go back to sleep like half the country after all. This country is in big, big trouble and I truly do believe in our founders vision of liberty. I should change that headline that I copied and pasted too. It should read. Is the U.S. Becoming a Socialist Country? I believe we have already passed the welfare state.   I just read another quote that snapped me back to reality.

The world is a dangerous place to live- not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it...  Albert Einstein

Just sayin.......


  1. Great definition of the so-called "progressives." Even though they pretend to be true American patriots & defenders of the Constitution, progressives have always believed the Constitution to be outdated & to have outlived its usefulness, going back to Woodrow Wilson & Theodore Roosevelt. Wilson, Roosevelt, & a few other progressive leaders argued adamantly the Constitution was outdated ( Frank Goodnow, a progressive from the late 1800's - early 1900's was an advocate of big government and acknowledged the Constitution stood in the way. One quote from Goodnow: "The rights which (an individual) possesses are . . . conferred upon him, not by his Creator, bit rather by the society to which he belongs. What they are is to be determined by the legislative authority in view of the needs of that society. Social expediency, rather than natural right, is thus to determine the sphere of individual freedom of action." Progressives use the same strategy as the founder of the ACLU: you can't look Socialist, but rather you must appear to be patriotic.


  2. How about this progressive from today..
    “Some conservative legal thinkers like Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas think that the Constitution means what it originally meant. That means we should understand the document by going into a kind of ‘Time Machine’ and capturing the public understanding of the public that ratified the document a century or more than a century ago.” Cass Sunstein

    Think about that statement for a second. Some of us actually believe that the constitution means what it meant? Really? Did somebody smack this guy upside the head with a stupid stick? Why wouldn't I believe that this document means what it says? I can't believe this guy. I mean he truly is a mental midget.

  3. Oh and of course we can't leave out the lead Marxist..
    Seven years before Barack Obama's "spread the wealth" comment to Joe the Plumber became a GOP campaign theme, the Democratic presidential candidate said in a radio interview the U.S. has suffered from a fundamentally flawed Constitution that does not mandate or allow for redistribution of wealth.

    Read more: Obama rips U.S. Constitution

  4. We are in a war of the words, and sometimes it can be hard for people to keep up. I was just informed today that we shouldn't refer to these as "entitlements" anymore because the word has taken on such a negative tone.

    It was liberals who coined the term to create an illusion that receiving such is a right. Now that the public understands this is just big government socialism, it's time to change the term and try to obfuscate the obvious.

  5. I hear ya. This is what they have been doing for years now. The scary part is these people have taken over the education field and turned what was once the best public schools in the world, into nothing more than progressive indoctrination camps. We must teach the future generations about our American history and our constitution before its too late. The constitution holds all the answers to our problems. We just need to restore our constitution not progress away from it.